International Women's Day

Bridgwater's Digital Display for 2016

Sylvia Pankhurst

Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst (5 May 1882 – 27 September 1960) was an English campaigner for the suffragette movement in the United Kingdom. She was for a time a prominent left communist who then devoted herself to the cause of anti-fascism.

Trudy Baddams

Unite Community Member
Trudy works tirelessly in her many roles with Yeovil Unite Community. Her compassion and understanding has led to important local initiatives that have united her local community. Charities, people and local groups have come together to support Trudy’s scarf-bombing, her seats of kindness in Yeovil town centre, and her organisation of the recent Grand Yeovil Food Donation & Jumble Sale.
Nominated by: Wes Hinckes

Ina May Gaskin

(Born: 8 March 1940)
Truly inspirational midwife, author, speaker, and birth rights activist, described as “the mother of authentic midwifery”.
Nominated by: Ali Pember (Daisy Birthing and Baby)

Frida Kahlo

(1907 – 1954)
Frida Kahlo was an artist most recognised by her iconic self-portraits. Kahlo’s life was plagued by ill-health and disability, but her artistic endeavour and success transcended her physical limitation. Her work celebrates Mexican indigenous culture and she is revered by feminists for her uncompromising depiction of the female form and experience. “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.”
Nominated by: Alexandra Ilo

Harriet Tubman

(c. 1822 – 1913)
Born Araminta Ross, into slavery, she suffered a head injury from a slave owner as a child that affected her for the rest of her life. Escaping slavery, she became a leading abolitionist. She led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom via the Underground Railroad. She was active in the Civil War, and was the first woman to lead an armed expedition.
Nominated by: Milli F.

Rebecca Front

(1964 – )
An incredible actress who appeared in comedies (e.g. Knowing Me Knowing You, The Thick Of It) and dramas (e.g. Lewis); also as a fellow sufferer of anxiety and claustrophobia, she inspired me by writing about her early experiences of this on the ‘Little Crackers’ series and in her autobiography ‘Curious’.
Nominated by: Barbara Kirk

Nichelle Nichols

(28th December 1932 – )
One of the first black actresses not to play a servant and one half of the first inter-racial on screen kiss. After Star Trek she volunteered with NASA helping to recruit women and minorities to the organisation.
Nominated by: Aly Moon

J.K. Rowling

(July 21, 1965 – )
Author – “We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better.”
Nominated by: Alexandra Ilo

Dr Helen Sharman

(1963 – )
Dr. Helen Sharman OBE FRSC is a British chemist. She was the first Briton in space, at just 27 years old, and the first woman to visit the Mir space station in 1991.
Nominated by: Kate Whiting

Debra Searle

(1975 – )
The first woman/person to row solo across the Atlantic in 2002. She set out with then hubby who a day or two into the journey freaked out when he could no longer see land. He was lifted out so she continued alone. A real inspiration, have met her a few times through mutual friends. If you ever get the chance to hear her speak do it!
Nominated by: Sabrina Williams

International Women’s Day is on Tuesday 8th March, a global day that celebrates the cultural, social, economic and political achievements of women.

We, at Bridgwater and Taunton Unite Community group, organised an event in celebration of this day and called on local people and groups to help us produce a display of influential and inspirational women.

This is our digital display of proudly nominated inspirational women.

The physical display will be on view at Bridgwater Library from the 7th March until the 12th March.

Together we hoped to commemorate local and international women of renown and also raise awareness of the fight for women’s rights, both at home and around the world.

A Gallery of Inspirational Women

A Gallery of Inspirational Women from Literature

Conversations with Emma Watson

UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador

A project by Sarah Shaw

Taunton Area Branch Equalities Officer
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