On Thursday the 26th Feb get online in Bridgwater.

Councillor Brian Smedley will introduce useful websites relating to local area and Sam Quigley will have a number of free online learning tools available.

Session will take a look at the local council websites to see what support and advice is available for people to access and there will also be a Unite Stall with information around training and learning.

Event takes place at the Engine Room from 9:30am to 2pm. The main content will be from 10am till 12:30pm with the extra time used to meet each other. – The Engine Room on Google Maps

Free tea and coffee will be available along with some sandwiches!

Sam, a UNITE the UNION learning Organiser says “The Engine Room is a great meeting space. Brian Smedley will be delivering a session on great websites that will give you information on what is happening in the Bridgwater Area. I will be available to offer information, advice and guidance regarding Learning Opportunities through Unite the Union as well as a number of free sites, supporting learning. Coffee and tea will be available, so why not pop along. Meet new people and find out what is happening in Bridgwater”


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