Members of Bridgwater & Taunton Unite Community Group presented Bridgwater Food Bank, on Wednesday 29th July, with a donation of sanitary towels and tampons, along with various food items and £40 raised by a collection among members.

It is reported nationally that women who are homeless or living below the poverty level cannot afford “to buy essential sanitary products. Without them many women are forced to make their own and there are feelings of shame and discomfort for many associated with this.”

Unite Community are urging people who so generously donate to food banks and homeless shelters to add sanitary towels and tampons to their list of donations.

This is part of a national campaign to make sanitary products available to women who can’t afford them.

A petition is calling for the Government to give homeless shelters an annual allowance to buy sanitary products, in the same way they do for condoms. This can be signed at:

Please donate to Bridgwater food bank if you can:

Media: This is the West Country


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